Because we offer a unique service that no other company does, we get a lot of questions.  Most of them are the same so we have compiled a list of questions that are commonly asked:


How are you different than other recruiters that do not charge a fee?

WE ARE NOT A RECRUITER:  We are not a recruiting agency. We are a marketing company that works for you and help you connect with employers. We work for you and apply on your behalf. Recruiters get compensated by the employer and most of them get 10-20% of your first year income as compensation. The challenge is that they become gate keepers as they only present the best candidates with the most experience. That is why very few people get hired through recruiters. Only less than 10% of companies will pay so much commission to get candidates. Over 90% of candidates are hired directly though references and postings and not through agencies.  Very few companies use agencies for new grads or summer candidates.


What are the charges?

CHECK THE “PACKAGES” SECTION ON WEBSITE:  We offer 2 main packages.  The first package is for 1,000 applications and the second is for 2,000 applications (check our special offer for 3,000). There is a registration fee for all the packages to start the process and there is a payment on success.  We are a performance based marketing company and only charge 20-25% of the fee when you register and the final only if we can help you.  So your success is our success.


How do you apply to specific positions?

GENERAL APPLICATIONS:  We apply by sectors and email 1000’s of companies right away.  We do not apply for a specific position but try to cover any position a company may have that would fit your background.  For example:

  • Engineer: If you are an electrical engineer the first line of your cover letter should say something like : ” I would like to apply for a junior electrical engineering or application engineering position”  (this covers all open positions for electrical engineers, the key is to be considered for all positions they may have that fit their background)
  • Finance : If you have a finance background the first line of your cover letter should say something like : ” I would like to apply for a business analyst / research analyst or client lead associate”  (this covers all open positions for someone with a finance background, the key is to be considered for all positions they may have that fit their background)
  • etc..

We do not apply to specific positions because if they get this resume, you will automatically be considered for all open positions. Over 90% of positions are not published or are published internally. When we apply for you, your resume is automatically circulated to all the managers for consideration, and they call you if they have an open position.  That is why we access the ” Hidden Job Market” by applying to places that may not have posted a position online but have needs internally.


Do you customize my cover letter for each position?

CUSTOMIZE COMPANY DETAILS: Yes, we change the company name and address in each of the cover letters we send out and attach the resume to each application. However,  the content of the cover letter remains the same, only the company name is changed according to the company you apply to. Because of this, it is recommended to have a general request for a position in the first line of the cover letter so you can be considered for all positions a company may have, and then decide which one suits you best


Do you help me re-write my resume?

WE SEND YOU SAMPLES:  Yes, after you register, you are asked to submit your resume and cover letter. We review it, and send you sample resumes if we feel it needs improvement. Our goal is to show employers your strengths and values and how you can be an asset to their company. We show you techniques on how to word things better, and formats that are more attractive. We also send you examples on how to improve your LinkedIn profile


What happens after you apply for me?

ACTIVITY IN YOUR ACCOUNT AND PEOPLE START CALLING: When we apply, you typically see 10-20% of the companies reply back. Not every company replies back. After the application process, you will get 120-200 replies within 24 hours if you send out 1000 applications, and over 400 replies back for 3000 applications. Companies who have open positions and are interested in your skills will call or email you to set up an interview.

So do I get a list of companies you have applied to?

NO: We do not give out the full list of companies we have applied to as it is propitiatory information. You will not be able to see the companies in the send menu of your new email as we delete it. However after we apply, you typically see 10-20% of companies reply back, in which case you will have information about the company.

So what if I want to focus my applications to a specific city or a state/province?  Can you do that?

YES, WE CAN FOCUS YOUR APPLICATIONS: We get a lot of clients that want to focus their search to a specific city or a state/province. That is not a problem for us. There is a section where you will be asked if you only want to focus your search in a specific city. We typically do not recommend that as it limits your options. Some large companies have centralized HR offices. Although they may have a location and an opening in the city you want to work in, if we only apply to companies in one city, they will not get your resume. That is why we recommend applying everywhere and seeing what comes back.


When is the best time to apply?

NOW: We get this question all the time. The answer is NOW NOW NOW. Every day, hundreds of positions open and close. Candidates keep waiting for an assumed “ideal time” but do not realize that everyone is thinking that way.  The best time is to apply right away so you can be considered for positions that may be open now. Remember, we offer a guarantee that if you do not get an offer that you accept we will redo the whole process again for FREE in 4 months. So do not wait, start right away. For new graduates and summer students the best time to apply is 3-4 months before they want to work. Applying after your exams is not recommended as many companies have already finished hiring summer interns during that period. Starting early helps lock a position early, especially as you won’t be competing with other candidates who will apply at the “ideal time.”

Some packages have 1000 and 2000 option.  What does that mean?

EXPLANATION: Some of our databases are very large.  Since our packages are based on applying to 1000 companies we have divided them into 1000 random companies in the sector. For example.  our database of software companies is over 4000 companies. If you select package 1 you can apply to 1000 companies and we recommend you select “Software 1-1000″companies option.  But if you select our special package 2 for 3000 applications then you can select Software 1-1000 firms, Software 1001-2000 firms and Software 2001-3000 firms packages and we can apply to 3000 companies for you. The more places we apply to, the more opportunities open up.

Do I still pay if I do not accept an offer and will you apply for me again?

EXPLANATION: NO, if you do not accept an offer you do not pay the final charge. Your success is our success. If you do not succeed, then neither do we. We will also reapply for you in 4 months if you do not have an offer you accept.

Please note:  We are not an Agency. We are a Marketing Company looking to add value to your job search. We offer our time, services and resources as a tool to get you a job faster. Hence we charge a nominal fee just for the time it takes us to apply on your behalf.

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