Registration – Application To Companies in US

We’re marketing you by connecting you to hundreds of potential employers in your field right away.

Our fee structure is based on helping candidates find opportunities by marketing themselves in their field to find a job. Our process opens doors not only to large companies but mid-sized and smaller companies.


2000 Resume

Initial Registration Fee: $500.00 (Only $ 200 with discount) for the payment of sending your resume and cover letters to a minimum of 2000 companies in your field and/or area of expertise.

Final Payment: $ 900.00 Due upon success (Only to be paid if we help you succeed otherwise you do not pay this amount).

We repeat the process: If you do not get an offer which you accept in 4 months then we do the process again at no extra charge.

Industry package: You can select 2 industry packages.

Benefits of Summer Internship Package 2 Special:

  • 60 % OFF Initial Registration Charge so initial registration only $200

Select Primary Industry
Select Secondary Industry
Special Instructions

To pay by Credit Card or Bank Card please select Pay by Credit Card option. Don’t have a PayPal account?


  • We send out 1000 or 2000 resumes/cover emails and change the company name and address for each cover letter and attach the resume to the application.
  • You will get instructions to create a new email account that we use as a joint account to send your applications after you register.
  • After you register we change your password for the newly created email account for a few days while we send the application.  We reset the password when the process is finished and and send you a confirmation email.
  • We cannot guarantee you a job or interviews.  Typically most people get between 2-10 interviews over 3-4 month period depending on your experience and the economic environment.
  • After the application process is complete you typically see 15-20% of clients reply back.  That is typical industry average.
  • We do not give that list of companies we apply to.  That is proprietary information.
  • Package pricing for USA are in US Dollars and Canada in Canadian dollars.
  • International: All packages for Europe, Middle East and Asia are in Euro’s instead of dollars. Please check website.
  • Payment options: Pay by any major credit card or Bank Transfer (All payment are secured through PayPal).

Please note:  We are not an Agency. We are a Marketing Company looking to add value to your job search. We offer our time, services and resources as a tool to get you a job faster. Hence we charge a nominal fee just for the time it takes us to apply on your behalf.