Why we were founded – To help you connect

Who we are

WeApply4U was founded by a creative sales/marketing executive of a Fortune 500 company specializing in Business and Client Development. His decades of experience in sales and marketing enabled him to focus on how people could find jobs faster and get hired sooner.  He was tired and frustrated of seeing new graduates and professionals not being able to connect with companies that were desperate for the talent and work ethics they had.

His life’s focus became on how he could help candidates connect with companies that were struggling to find candidates. Companies are always looking for great talent to add to their team, they just don’t always have the resources to find them.  He used decades of his sales experience to start WeApply4U in 2006.

It took this team 6 years to strategize the needs of people, the system and approach, the contacts, and hence this service.

Job Boards/Sites like Monster, CareerBuilder, etc. are great tools for people who have specific experience and most agencies and recruiters who post jobs on these sites are looking for specific people with the right experience to match their clients’ needs.  Job seekers do not realize that most companies do not advertise on these job boards, they hire internally or through local newspapers. So even if you were checking daily on job boards you are only accessing less than 5% of the jobs out there.

The key to searching for that right job is understanding how to open new doors for yourself and how to get access to that “HIDDEN” job market. It is known to all, that OVER 90% of opportunities are not published. Companies do not spend money for advertising of junior entry level positions. They rely on word of mouth, internal recommendations and direct applications.

Our approach allows us to apply directly to hiring managers or hr groups for various mid-sized to large organizations on behalf of you. We apply directly to complete Job Sectors and Industries who would appreciate your educational background, your goals, and passion even though you have limited experience. In essence, our goal is to open doors for job seekers who do not have doors in the first place. Companies are always looking even when they are not hiring.

Now with thousands of satisfied job seekers, WeApply4U has become a a must service for job seekers in North American and Europe.

Please note:  We are not an Agency. We are a Marketing Company looking to add value to your job search. We offer our time, services and resources as a tool to get you a job faster. Hence we charge a nominal fee just for the time it takes us to apply on your behalf.

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